Marketing Skills Don’t
Equal Marketing Results

You may have worked with other marketing firms before and run into the same issues that I have.

  • The team you hire fails to understand the outcomes you are trying to drive
  • They get into the weeds on activities and overwhelm you with information
  • They take WAY longer than anticipated to launch things
  • You don’t get the results you are looking for in the time needed
  • You have to work with a lot of different organizations for various pieces and they don’t all fit together.

Company leaders come to us because they have been working with unreliable marketing resources in which projects would get delayed, deliver flat results, and progress would get hindered.

We added marketing services to our fold, because we have over 15+ years of experience driving marketing programs that work. We felt like mid-size companies and start-ups deserved the same resources and results for their business.

Marketing Skills Don’t

We start first with an evaluation and modeling your business direction. We look at the numbers that we need to put on the board from a sales perspective and review the best channels to get the results.

Here is our process:

  • Review the results you are looking to achieve
  • Review the current methods you have used to achieve results
  • Ensure that our persona (ideal client) is clear and identified
  • Review competitors and how they rank comparatively
  • Determine the best place to find your ideal client
  • Come up with a list of items that the ideal client is looking for
  • Produce the asset items that an ideal client is looking for
  • Create a marketing calendar with a content strategy

And that is not all. That is just a sample of where we start.

What else can
we add in for you?

Podcast Bookings and PR
SEO Repairs And Ongoing Maintenance
Content writing
Social Media Marketing
Ad campaign & ad campaign savings strategy
Create Backlinks
Design & Rebranding
Website and landing page development
Financial modeling
Influencer Campaigns
Social Boosting (follower) Campaigns
Video Creation